Solmar Hotels and Resorts has been a leader in tourism and sport fishing since 1965. From the very beginning, recognized the potential for Cabo to become a major league resort area. It had everything, including weather, natural beauty, exceptional fishing and close proximity to the USA.

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To dignify the most needy and help them achieve a better life through community programs and the activities of the Solmar Foundation. The focus is on women and children living in poverty.

Solmar Foundation supply critical social services that are not covered by the government. The foundation also works with other public agencies and non-government organizations to combine resources and direct assistance to the areas where it will do the most good. The focus is on education and the development of marketable skills. Medical and mental health assistance is also provided.


COMMITMENT: Work hard every day with the conviction to give our best and gain confidence from the people we are helping and others who are helping, too.

INTEGRITY: We are consistent with our values at work and at home.

SERVICE: To give more and better. To look for improvements in our jobs as well as to help other in their jobs.


Los Cabos is growing by leaps and bounds due in large part to the immigration of families from mainland Mexico. Many of them arrive penniless and unemployed with hopes for a better future that may never materialize. While waiting for their situation to improve, families often find temporary housing in shanty towns under subhuman conditions. These families need support. Fundacion Solmar is here to help.

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