With your continued donation, The Solmar Foundation is a proud sponsor of several non-government agencies including orphanages, senior centers and shelters within Baja California Sur to combine resources and direct assistance to the areas where it till do the most good. We can keep the help only with your contribution, we are sure we can count on you! The best part of it is that 100% of the donation goes to charity and that is how we can help more and more to the community of Los Cabos!


We are honored to have the opportunity to assist those in need throughout our community through the foundation and with the help of our valued guests.
To learn more about a specific project, click on the links

  • Amigos de los Niños
  • Casa de Dia San Miguel
  • Casa Hogar Cabo San Lucas
  • Casa San Juan Diego
  • Club Rotario
  • DIF
  • Hogar del Niño Todos Santos
  • Feeding kids in poverty
  • Los Niños del Capitán
  • Parque Don Luis Bulnes
  • Red Autismo
  • Special Cases
  • Lenguage Therapy for children and adults         with Asperger syndrom
  • Special health cases
  • Equino Therapy for disabled children in need


We encourage the children to keep studiying, but also giving them a help with the tools they need with school supplies and uniforms as well.


One of the charities that The Solmar Foundation proudly support is “Feeding Kids in poverty”, a non-government assisted daily feeding facility located in Cabo San Lucas. This organization provides food to 200 kid’s ages 1 to 10 years who live in extreme poverty. This program also encourages them to attend the public school so they don’t need to work selling gum on the streets after midnight.


“As you look i’ve been, how you see me you will be” it’s a very known quote, and we are aware that we must take care of our elder people, so we don’t forget..

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