Thanksgiving, a time to show our gratitude

To all our dear Members:
Every day we count our blessings for your kindness, support, and care. As Thanksgiving Day gets closer, we send you our wishes for a celebration filled with love and good health.For Solmar Foundation, 2022 has represented a thousand reasons to feel grateful for. We have borne witness to the generous actions of friends and Members who have left a piece of their hearts in Los Cabos and have helped it thrive and bloom. A halo of hope and gratitude has been left behind.We also thank every dollar received, as it becomes smiles. Your voluntary donation of $10 USD per week charged to your bill at check-out and through your Maintenance fee is invaluable.

Thank you to all who have emailed and called me to tell me about the feeling of completeness you’ve experienced after leaving a positive impact and legacy in Los Cabos. This gesture, and the grateful smiles of the people who receive your help, are the light on our path and the force behind everything we do.Each one of your donations, visits, and loving volunteering have made our endeavor more and more meaningful.

We also want to show our gratitude to the non-profit associations we feel so honored to collaborate with; your laudable work inspires us to aim higher every year:
Amigos de Los Niños de Cabo San Lucas A.C.
Red De Autismo A.C.
Building Baja’s Future A.C.
Operaciones de Corazón
Autism therapies
Asilo de Ancianos La Paz
Sistema DIF La Paz
Comedor en Pobreza Real Unidad
Escuela de Deportes para Niños con Discapacidad
Cerca (Centro de Energía y Medio Ambiente)
Happy Thanksgiving!
Dinorah de Haro Inda
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